Our company was established in Kayseri in 2019 and produces static painted and economical steel doors, wooden coated luxury steel doors, fire doors, apartment doors and villa doors. Our steel door types are specially manufactured according to the dimensions and do not neglect the order of importance in the concepts of safe, economical and aesthetic. Instead of the most economical and cheap steel door, we produce the safest but affordable steel door with your budget.

İMDOOR ÇELİK KAPI has adopted the principle of constantly renewing itself in order to provide better service to its customers and to be researcher and selective in order to produce correct, appropriate and healthy solutions for its customers. We produce steel doors that will not leave your eyes behind when you leave your home that will protect you and your loved ones safely, taking into account the latest technology of the day. In addition to standard panel doors, our company manufactures steel doors with ergonomic special dimensions. Our main goal is to produce not only the most economical steel door, but also the best quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing doors. With the awareness of the social responsibility imposed on us by our sector, we follow the developing technology closely and apply continuous research and development in order to produce the most suitable solution for your security needs. In order to meet your satisfaction, demands and expectations at every stage from order to delivery, we supply products to many regions in friendly relations. we send.

To produce steel doors by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront with the production of quality, aesthetic, guaranteed, long-lasting steel doors and to always make a positive name in the sector. With the latest system machines, expert technical staff and positive support from its customers, it has always aimed to renew itself and carry it to perfection. To provide the most perfect experience for the developing sectors in the world market and to create great value for its customers. To make investment in our customers and technology an integral part of our policy for continuous improvement.

Our Vision As İMDOOR steel door, we always prioritize the satisfaction and trust of our customers, focus on production by anticipating the needs of the society by using raw materials and resources in the most efficient way, has a strong brand prestige with high level of service and product quality, fulfills its responsibilities to its customers and employees, is a respected, pioneer and To address the whole world as a reliable corporate organization.
Functional steel doors provide architects and building owners with the advantage of aesthetics and use: although they have different functions, they form a perfect harmony with each other with their identical appearance.
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