OKSO STEEL DOOR AND WOODEN ,which started to serve an area of 2000 m2, with the principle of quality and absolute customer satisfaction for approximately 11years Kayseri and in Turkey.


Since 2008, OKSO STEEL DOOR AND  WOODEN , It constantly renewed product in a network, has gained a foothold in the sector by prioritising functionality significant Steel door of the industry proving itself in the field, all the services continues Turkey and in the World.

OKSO STEEL DOOR AND  WOODEN, the steel door, with the principle of " the customer is always right,still intact as the first day of this policy



We are aiming to become the world's And Turkey's leading steel door company and our customers with even better plans to offer door services every day,

OKSO STEEL DOOR AND  WOODEN,the line of vision and enterprise it has never failed.

OKSO STEEL DOOR AND  WOODEN constantly raising the bar for product quality by following technological developments in Turkey and aims to reach to the best places.

Over 11 years of experience and pride," QUALITY PRODUCTS" change our understanding of ourselves in the direction of your requests to develop a "VISION" we have…


Our research and development activities, according to their usage patterns and the different lifestyles of our consumers and world class, create human and environment friendly Products